Arian is sitting their with reading glass' on his nose and the camera zooms in. Oh, Hi, I am am Arian caldon.
Our first episode: Arian's Awseome-Number One. Comes out today.
Is it...
Anyway we have come to a time when the galaxy is in turmoil, aka, Vodos is getting enough sleep.
SooroSub has taken over as Galactic Government, and now, a few eeks later, they still our. Sure, the Empire has taken Nosii and...
within the past three days.
But Sooro-Sub still remains in control.

In other news, the Bounty Hunter's Guild, no wait, Alliance, no wait, Guild, has desolved today. This is unfortunate because, nobody knows which group is which, they had the exact same freaking name!!!!!! But in all truths, its because bounty hunters don't get paid because they don't do anything!!!!!

XXX Miners on the other hand, has done great because Jimmy Johnson, their old employee, has been dead!!! They have taken three planets within the last three days doing great work.

Oophs, my hour is up. Don't watch Thats So Twi-Lik, it a racist show...

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