Centrepoint Mining
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Gordon Shumway

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Year 6 Day 90

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Production, Mining


Centrepoint Mining

Centrepoint Mining is a mining faction in the Star Wars Combine and a subsidiary of Centrepoint Space Station.


"We are a close knit company always looking out for more quality employees. Whether you want to work in Mining, Shipping, Security or other, we can find you a job either here at Centrepoint Mining or with our parent company Centrepoint Space Station.

We distribute directly from our warehouses next to the mines, or from Centrepoint Station in the Corellia System (if stocked with the required Raw Materials). Or if you prefer you can collect your shipment yourself.

If there is any raw materials you require, that we currently don't have, let us know and we will do our best to locate the resources and get them mined asap.

Our representatives look forward to discussing mutually profitable business with you in the future."


Centrepoint mining banner (Year 9)

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