Chiss Veers Avatar Y10D320
Chiss Veers
Biographical information


Date of birth

26 years ago

Physical description

Coruscani (Human)





Political information

Chiss Veers was born 26 years ago in Hanna City on Chandrila near the Silver Sea. His parents were normal farmers who were killed on their vacation due to a pirate raid on a Mon Cal Starliner. When he discovered that it was pirates who had killed his parents, he vowed to hunt every criminal in the galaxy. To keep his promise to his parents he joined the Imperial Army. He has proven him self to be a loyal Imperial and follows every order that is given to him. He still awaits the chance to avenge his parents.

Imperial careerEdit

  • Former Imperial Royal Guardsman
  • Former Imperial General and Army Commanding Officer
  • Former Storm Corps Commanding Officer
  • Former Assistant Director Imperial Medical Department
  • Former Imperial Command Fleet Ground forces Commander
  • Former Imperial Intelligence Operative

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