Choibacco Antaria
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157 years ago

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Choibacco Antaria is the founder of the Antarian Rangers and is the former Vice President of Sarin Inc.


Choibacco was born 157 years ago on the planet of Kashyyyk. He spent most of that time learning from his father to hunt and trade. Then slavers came one day and decimated his village in a terrible bloodbath. Choibacco was captured by an Imperial guild. After a mass escape he was the only one left alive and vowed to fight the forces of evil from that day on. He became a bush pilot and worked as a mechanic for many years. Learning how to modify ships paid better than fixing them and soon made enough to travel and join a more profitable organization. He soon purchased a defunct company entitled "Droid Engineering" and, with help of his fellow friends, brought about Arakyd Industries. Securing a bond with the Hapes Consortium he acquired the title of Governor of Dathomir. He later rose to the ranks of Prime Minister and Regent of the Hapes Consortium.


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