On this 10th day of the New Galactic Year No. 9, 765th Year of the Corsini Age of Gru'ta'nath, the oppressed sentients of Cor'naera'sini, known as Corsin, do solemnly declare the needs of the state to his Imperial Majesty, Soverign of the Imperial Dominion, Imperator Vodo Bonias

1. That our people throw off our shackles and recognize the need of Freedom

2. That our people recognize the need of complete and total Soverignty

3. That our people rcognize the need to have the Right to handle our own defense

4. That our people recognize the need to determine our own form of government, our choice being Democracy.

We humbly ask that our opressors recognize our needs, or we will be forced to further our goals with force.


Ayglis Tanthar

Soverign of Corsin

Marquis of the noble House Tanthar

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