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Eidola Pirates

The Eidola Pirates is a galactic government in the Star Wars Combine.


Eidola began as a small tight-knit group of thieves under the leadership of Keir Santage. Early members included Bruce Spear, Derek Solo and Lloyd Font. The group of freelancers eventually moved into Outrider Trading after Keir was given its leadership, and the faction was transformed into a den of thieve who became widely known as the first, and best, of the Combine's now-burgeoning criminal underworld.

Keir later sold Outrider Trading, and purchased Biotech Medical instead, and the group moved to the new faction, picking up new recruits like Utono Brutza along the way.

Later they sold Biotech, and created a new faction from scratch: Eidola. Then stuff happened. After completely ignoring the brief period of the Malebranche failure...

Upon deciding to become a government-faction, to allow them to walk on their own planets without fear of OOF a/e, they renamed the faction to Eidola Pirates so that it was clear they were still remaining true to their criminal roots.

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