Enforcer blaster pistol

Made popular by the Corellian Holovid series Dirty Kevin, about a CorSec officer taking the law into his own hands, the Enforcer packs a pretty satisfying punch. The weapon is relatively heavy, making it unwieldy for some of the smaller species in the galaxy. It is however, certainly a gun with an attitude. It also requires quite a lot of maintenance for a handgun, and this, more than anything, has prevented any serious security organization from adopting it as their standard weapon.

Weapon StatsEdit

Accuracy: 0.75

Maximum Range: 4

Optimum Range: 2

Firedelay: 6 h

Minimum Damage: 20

Maximum Damage: 35

Parry Value: 0

Damage Type: Physical

Stun: no

Recommended Skill: +2 Projectile Weapons

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