Glee Anselm





Danju Sun




(5, 12)







Primary terrain

Ocean, Swamps, Grasslands

Native species


Official language

Anselminan, Galactic Basic


11,111,600 inhabitants

Major cities

1508, Anselm Prime


XXX Miners, Nautolan Society


Glee Anselm is a peaceful water planet in the Danju system. The planets surface is largely covered in water or swamps, with only a few clear landmasses spotting the surface. The planet also has massive ice caps covering both poles. Glee Anselm is basically seasonal free, with the climate being moderate most of the standard year round. Glee Anselm came through the Clone Wars unscathed, despite its closeness to the Core. It was their location that lead to its quick occupation by the rising Empire.


Map of Glee Anselm

The planet was home to two natural species, the Nautolan and the Anselmi. Both races evolved naturally on the planet, the Nautolan under the water and the Anselmi on what little landmasses there were. Probably the competitions for land lead to the Anselmi turning into a war like race. However as the Nautolan's gradually came to the surface and acquired land, they were able to use their natural abilities and strength to beat them off. Currently the Nautolans make up the majority of the population, as there are very few Anselmi left on the planet as they continually war amongst themselves. Currently the planet is undergoing a change, with more visitors from other planets and the Nautolians themselves setting off to explore the galaxy again.

After the Nautolans came ashore, many generations ago, and defeated the Anslemi, Glee Anselm experienced a long time of peace. Then, Empire expansion lead to the claiming of this world by the Empire. The Empire looks down upon "alien" species, so the Nautolans were forced to primarily stay in their underwater cities. After the Empire was defeated, things returned to a state of peace, until one day, a Mining prospector discovered high amounts of Raw Material deposits on Glee Anselm. There was a giant influx in the mining factions presence, leading to them taking control of the planet.


Long civil wars and occupation by first the Empire, then the XXX Miners has lead to a massive emigration by Nautolans to escape oppression. To accommodate this, the Nautolan Society was formed. With the Nautola and Rak'Qua clans working together, safe havens for Nautolans have been springing up all over the Galaxy. Back on Glee Anselm, the major land areas are now covered by major cities and massive mining regions. The seas have been left untouched, leaving the water dwellers alone to prosper in the underwater environments. Since the XXX miners have no desire to explore underwater, most Nautolans still are born and raise on the ocean floor.

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