JoCon Illmar
Biographical information


Date of birth

Year 7, Day 11

Physical description





200 cm

Eye color


Political information

Trade Federation

JoCon Illmar was a young Duro who set out into the galaxy to try his hand at freight-running and shipping jobs. His father was a foreign freight runner, so he has had some training in shipping and transport. His father named JoCon for a mythological Twi'lek hero who supposedly sailed across the entire system every 200 years. Upon leaving his homeworld, JoCon found an ad for a small corporation, the Freelance Workshop. Based in the Corellian Sector, it seemed like the perfect job for him. Putting in a call, JoCon launched his training as well as his career. He worked for the startup of the Freelance Workshop, but left them to look for a more lucrative faction after about six months. He joined the prestigious Trade Federation, attracted by their unity and their connections with the Confederacy of Independent Systems. He was later transferred to be head of Recruitment for a chain of factions Horley Cyan made informally called Cyan Corps. He works in Haor Chall Engineering as head of the Recruitment Department.

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