Kalya Thorne
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Year 7 Day 263

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Description Edit

Ashlyana Furasas faked her own death Year 7 Day 263 of the Galactic Civil War in order to avoid repercussions of her killing of a high ranking member of the New Imperial Order as well as two of his associates. She assumed the identity of Kalya Thorne, and has continued her work as an assassin and mercenary. To this date, she has laid four people to rest in the grave yards of Golgotha. Kalya is known to rarely speak Galactic Basic, instead preferring Huttese. Unlike most people of her race, Kalya does not wear traditional Zabrak tattoos. The reason for this is unknown.

Biography Edit

Little at this point is known about Kalya besides her links to The Damned and Centurion Arms. It is rumored that she participated in the Clone Wars, but it is not clear at this time which side she fought for, if any.

Religion Edit

Historically the Zabrak colony and homeworld of Iridonia has been influenced greatly by the Sith, leaving Iridonia the most violent colony of the Zabrak, as well as causing many of its inhabitants to practice the Sith faith. Kalya is a fervent believer in the ideal of the Sith faith, in times of danger reciting the Sith Code like a prayer.

Victims Edit

Ships Edit

Consular-Class Cruiser Arcanum Bale

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