The Knights of the Fountain Edit

Faction Type: Production, Mining


Emanon Klatoo - Owner & Ambassador

Rehon Mosspim - Leader

Talak Drakar - Interior Minister Chief of Security


The Fountain of the Ancients is sacred to the Klatooinian people. This natural glass-like sculpture in the Klatooine desert became a symbol of patience, tenacity, and the idea of strength coming from age and wisdom. The Knights of the Fountain are pledged to protect this ancient wonder and embrace the lessons in our stewardship of the natural resources and our business practices.


Free Klatoo Forces

The Free Klatoo Forces are the military arm of the Knights of the Fountain and are charged with protecting the Fountain and other planets that are warmed by the Klatoo Sun in Si' Klataa. Comprised of free Klatooinian and Nikto and other sentients from around the galaxy, they are a volunteer force dedicated to the mission of freedom.

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