[21:32:00] [Trent_Hackworth] [21:31:34] [%Trent_Hackworth] I'm not a Vet?

[21:32:00] [Trent_Hackworth] [21:31:34] [%Trent_Hackworth] LOL

[21:32:00] [Trent_Hackworth] [21:31:39] [.Echuu] yeah but you dont work ;-p

[21:32:05] [Trent_Hackworth] ROTFLMFAO, Echuu considers me a Vet

[21:32:56] [Lance_Hawke] lol

[21:33:03] [Lance_Hawke] you ARE technically a vet

[21:33:17] [Lance_Hawke] but you are a homeless, unemployed bastard

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