Mephiston Leonatos
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190 cm

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Political information

New Imperial Order

Mephiston Leonatos grew up in a major city on Falleen, quickly becoming used to the fast paced city life and how things were done. His life was significantly easier then others around him of the same age, as his parent's owned a successful Bar in the city. Mephiston had a standard childhood,nothing special, and was beginning to learn the tools of the trade to take over the family business from his father. On a given day, running erands for his mother, Mephiston ran into a faction recruiter. He had heard them before, always trying to coax the young people to join them. There was something different about this one though, something real,something genuine, Mephiston got home that day and started thinking about what he had heard. As thought's ran through his mind, he feel asleep thinking " I must talk to that recruiter before he leaves" Within Two standard days, Mephiston Leonatos had been warmly accepted into the New Imperial Order. Mephiston bid his parents farewell and that they would see him again, boarding the small vessel Mephiston sat down in one of the seats, quietly, wondering what would become of him..

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