OOM-7 or ZAU
Biographical information

Unknown, parts salvaged from Dantooine

Physical description

Masculine programming


1.91 Meters

Political information

Owned by Halas Kad

B1 Advanced Battle Droid

OOM-7 is an Advanced Series B1 Battle Droid

History Edit

Originaly a soldier of the CIS during the Clone Wars, OOM-7 was destroyed by Halas Kad on Dantooine. After the war Halas Kad reterned to Dantooine and rebuilt OOM-7. OOM-7 was so damaged that Halas had to order new B1s and remove parts from them to rebuild the dammaged droid. Now nicknamed Zau, OOM-7 travels with Halas as a loyal companion onboard the FMS Bone Crusher.

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