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The Damned, Kiffar Guardians, Sex Money Murder

Never seen without his Cathar Fur Coat, Phasmatis is a rutheless killer, never hesitating to strike down a man, nor a woman or child. Widely known in both the underworld, and even in the higher-classes of society, Phasmatis runs many illegal operations running from extortion, money laundering, and prostitution, to hired killings, kidnapping, black mail, and even drug trafficking. Never caught without a cigarra, the pockets of his elegant fur coat are often stuffed with drugs, money, and condoms.



Kiffar GuardiansEdit

Found to be force sensitive at an early age, Phasmatis was trained in the force at an early age, then drafted into the Kiffar Guardians when he reached the age of 18. At a time of relative peace, he quickly rose through the ranks, making Sergeant after just 3 years. However, this illusion of peace was shattered when the planet started burning. The criminals housed in many Kiffex's infamous prisons were rioting, and the Kiffar Guardians were sent in to quell the uprising. Deep inside the west wing of the Prison Delos, Phasmatis led his squad wielding his Enforcer. They pushed forward, executing the violent prisoners on site, and chaining the others to their cell doors. As they swept deeper and deeper into the prison, they began to encounter more resistance, as well as booby traps. It was one of these booby traps, an improvised explosive device which ended his career as a Guardian. Dragged to safety by his squad, he laid inside a cell waiting for evac, bleeding out all over the reinforced duracrete floor while his men continued to clear the prison.

Promoted to Sergeant Major after the loss of his right leg, Phasmatis was dismissed from the Guardians. Sent monthly checks from the government for his 'contribution to the effort', he spent his time and his government's money to write and produce songs, some telling of his horrible experiences during the rebellions. The loss of his leg, and the disappointment of his father pushed the once proud Kiffar into drug abuse.

Music careerEdit


Martyr of Avarice was Phasmatis' first 'solo' album, produced after the accident which nearly ended his career.



The DamnedEdit

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