By far the most successful astromech droid design in the galaxy, the R2-series was the first true astromech produced by Industrial Automaton. The droid is much more compact than its predecessor, and can be equipped with a wide array of aftermarket tools and add-ons.

The R2 series was manufactured to fit perfectly into standard astromech sockets on military starfighters, including the Naboo N-1, and was the first droid released on the general market that adhered to these specifications. When situated in the astromech socket, an R2 unit can monitor flight performance, isolate and repair technical problems, and reroute power throughout the shipboard systems.

The first combine character to get his hands on an R2 series droid was Oilios Katastrefor, receiving R2-5w1 from Industrial Automation in the week of Year 7, Day 296.

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