TembreFe`ll: Someone killed the Combine server.
Redbat: no?
TembreFe`ll: It's slow as hell.
Redbat: it has no traffic at all
TembreFe`ll: Well, think about that for a sec.
Redbat: oh shit

@Redbat : Argh, the loot be amissing! Find t'scoundrel and keelhaul'em!
@Redbat : Blasted lubbers and salty pork! T'be the pireate hunter DeMeer! All hands man the rig, me thinks he wants yer loot!
+DeMeer loads the cannons and fires a broadside
@Redbat : Argh! The schooner be hit! Man the paddle boats!


[1] Syn's IRC Quotes

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