Saalia Evas
Biographical information
Date of birth

Year 8 Day 18

Physical description
Political information

Saalia Amina Ar'a Angelina Evas (maiden name) Pingvellir (married name)

  • D.O.B.: Y8 D18
  • Father: Angerio Evas (deceased)
  • Father(adopted): Elm Aran
  • Mother: Maria Evas (deceased)
  • Sister: Angela Evas (unknown)
  • Sister: Gretchen O Hara (alive)
  • Sister: Lamel Evas (twin)
  • Brother: Angerio jr (unknown)
  • Marital status: widowed
  • Husband: Xodus Pingvellir (deceased)
  • Children: Anna Pingvellir

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