Glossary of Capital ShipsEdit

Capital Ships

Super Star DestroyerMon Calamari Home One CruiserLucrehulk 3210 BattleshipIthorian Herd ShipTabder-class Heavy HaulerTetan Attack ShipImperial Star Destroyer ISB-1Colossus-class Heavy LinerPulsar Battle CruiserMon Calamari MC-80aMon Calamari MC-80bModular Star HaulerDarkstar BattleshipVictory Star Destroyer IMon Calamari MC-60Lictor-class Dungeon ShipAcclamator Assault ShipBattle DragonBulk CruiserDreadnaught Heavy CruiserInterdictor Star CruiserNebulon-B FrigateEscort CarrierL-500 Space LinerNova Battle CruiserGuardian-class Medium CruiserC-9979 Landing ShipCarrack/I-class Light CruiserCarrack/S-class Light CruiserQuasar Fire-class Bulk CruiserKaloth BattleCruiserSabaoth DestroyerLancer-class FrigateHardcell Class transportYV-666Bayonet-class Light CruiserMarauder-class CorvetteY-Head CorvetteCR-92R Battle CorvetteCR-90 Assassin-class CorvetteCR-90 CorvetteIPV-1 System Patrol CraftDP-20a GunshipDP-20b GunshipDP-20c Gunship

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Glossary of FreightersEdit


Super Star DestroyerStar GalleonXiytiar Super TransportUbrikkian Luxury Space YachtModular ConveyorAction VI TransportBulk FreighterAA-9 TransportConsular-class CruiserMobquet Medium TransportGallofree Medium TransportMuurian TransportW-23 Star HaulerJ-type 327 StarshipAT-AT BargePLY-3000Starwind class Pleasure YachtNaboo Star SkiffH-type YachtATR-6 Assault TransportBarloz-class FreighterInterdictor Star CruiserJ-type 322 StarshipSentinel-class Landing CraftTrilon AggressorYT-1210Zeta-class Long-Range ShuttleAtlas-class Troop Transport ShuttleDelta-Class JV-7 Escort ShuttleGamma Assault ShuttlePursuer Enforcement ShipYT-510YT-2000Infiltrator Star CourierYT-1300Drop Ship TransportGAT-12h Skipray BlastboatSalvagerPnath-class ShuttleYG-4210Scurrg H-6 BomberFiresprayYT-2400Lambda ShuttleStarSpeeder 3000Theta-class T-2c ShuttleJM5000

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Glossary of Star FightersEdit


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