Golan II

Sensors: 21

ECM: 0 Cargo Stats:

Weight Cap: 478,944 T

Volume Cap: 37,440 m�

Max Passengers: 800 Hull Stats:

Length: 2,158 m

Hull: 30,000

Deflector Shields: 20,000

Ionic Capacity: 13,500

Docking Bay

Hangar Bay 35

Tractor Beams: 8

Proton-Torpedo Launchers: 10

Turbolaser Battery: 35

Luxury Space Colony

Sensors: 3

ECM: 0 Cargo Stats:

Weight Cap: 69,380 T

Volume Cap: 13,454 m�

Max Passengers: 340

Length: 230 m

Hull: 1,300

Deflector Shields: 700

Ionic Capacity: 585

Docking Bay

Hangar Bay 40

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