[00:43:05] Thade :I hate kampar.

[00:33:00] Thade : right now the only question in my mind is whether i should crucify them like criminals, stone them like heretics, or burn them like witches

[00:33:12] Thade : i'm a fan of all three

[00:33:14] Thade : ...

[00:33:23] Thade : hey... THAT'S IT! all three

[00:33:45] Thade : i'll nail them to a cross, light that on fire, then throw stones at them

[00:36:06] Thade : if i make the cross out of metal i can run electricity through it also

[00:37:02] Thade : or... i can dig a pit, shackle them to a large weight, and build a latrime over the pit

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