Tigris Ninx
Tigris Ninx
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Tigris Ninx is a notable member of the Falleen Federation and a former Chancellor of the New Anzat Order.


Like so many of his kinsmen at home, in the deep and crystal blue seas of Calamari, Tigris had felt the irresistible draw of the dark oceans of starlight above. Since venturing out he has become known for his peaceful demeanor and ability to harness the power of language.

His trek started a while ago with Loronar Security in Federation space. He eventually sensed a call to service and moved on to the government of the New Anzat Order. Serving faithfully and constructively (in his view), Tigris spent much of his time as the chief ambassador of the Order and the emissary of the Prime Minister. His career with the Order culminated with his one-time interim leadership as Chancellor.

Today, Tigris makes his home once again with the Falleen Federation. He now is the Regent of the Falleen Crown after serving as long time Prime Minister and earning the noble title of Lord for his long and consistently exemplary service.

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New Anzat Order
Preceded by
Year 4
Succeeded by
Jeroen Veers

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