[02:14:58] Mintaka : Im a Vodo follower, usually slams a lot of doors shut when I say that [02:16:09] +Trent_Hackworth slams the door

[17:17:49] @Dorn : [17:14] <sandasjo> no she does not, she is dead
[17:17:49] @Dorn : [17:14] <Trent_Hackworth> and its your fault. go away.
[17:17:56] @Dorn : ^^ Fucking awesome, Trent
[17:17:57] @Dorn : You rule!
[17:18:03] @Vestri : yo
[17:18:05] +Trent_Hackworth : Thanks Dorn. :)
In Reference to Sandasjo quotes

[15:17:21] @Arjuna needs money
[15:18:10] Henry_Malum gives Arjuna money
[15:18:19] * %Trent_Hackworth gives Arjuna a hore'
[15:18:50] +Chin : now that's a good idea, that's not just direct aid, that's an investment ;)

[12:00:38] Trent_Hackworth : Board and looking for something to do? Visit the First and only SWC Wiki!
[12:01:02] Henry_Malum : Board?
[12:01:11] Henry_Malum : how can one be a board?
[12:01:18] Henry_Malum : FS: 2x offices @ Mrlsst[500k each], JM5000 Bright Jewel[350k]. PM with offers.
[12:03:38] Xander : Bored and looking for something to do? come and paint my balls, the best of the only
[12:03:57] Henry_Malum : that wont take long
[12:04:17] Xander : Oh henry, was a quick one there eh?
[12:04:22] Xander : :P
[12:04:48] Henry_Malum : you tell me, you are the expert of quick finishes
[12:05:41] Horley_Cyan : fs: cygnus gunboat, lancer frigate, x34, BT310
[12:05:53] Xander : ^ wants them all
[12:06:21] Zettai_Kun : then pay for 'em, buster
[12:06:35] Zev : oh It's a Kun
[12:06:44] Zettai_Kun : where!?
[12:06:45] Zettai_Kun : oh
[12:06:53] Zettai_Kun : Well, yeah, its a Kun
[12:06:58] Zettai_Kun : whatcha gonna do about it?
[12:08:30] Bau : i know quite a few
[12:08:33] Trent_Hackworth : Let me put it this way. ONly bunch worse then them were the Weskers,
[12:08:34] Zettai_Kun : its pure bias
[12:08:38] Bau : and they're anthing but stupid, if i may say so
[12:08:39] Zev : just you apparently
[12:08:53] Zettai_Kun : sure
[12:09:06] Zettai_Kun : every stupid bunch in the combine ownes a goverment and 7 cmgs
[12:09:29] Zev : to easy to get a gov these days isn't it
[12:09:37] Zettai_Kun : looks like it
[12:10:20] Bau : he's right
[12:10:23] Bau : look at GE :P
[12:10:40] Zettai_Kun : lets not get started on the GE
[12:10:45] Zev : GE doesn't count
[12:10:47] Zettai_Kun : I don't have another week to rant about it.
[12:10:52] Zev : funded by admin bias
[12:11:15] Zettai_Kun : lol
[12:11:42] Bau : only they would issue a arrest warrant on some known by few ppl in combine and then tell they caught a big time thief!! :P
[12:12:13] Zettai_Kun : naw
[12:12:17] Zettai_Kun : Eidola does the same thing
[12:12:27] Zettai_Kun : Catches some piss-shit 4weeks old thief
[12:12:37] Zettai_Kun : and makes a GNS about it "We stroke at the heart of CSA!'
[12:13:05] Bau : but they do it with style :P
[12:13:14] Zettai_Kun : good point

[12:07:45] @Trent_Hackworth sends his monkeys to Rape the King in the ass
[12:07:48] @Trent_Hackworth snickers
[12:07:54] @Trent_Hackworth calls them back
[12:08:06] @Trent_Hackworth : Wait a minute....I cant tell who's the King and Who's my monkeys....

[13:56:17] [+Arjuna] God Damnit I'ma Break this Event button
[13:56:36] • +Trent_Hackworth breaks the event button for arjuna
[13:56:49] [+Arjuna] I need personal, and faction events broken
[13:56:59] • +Trent_Hackworth breaks all event buttons

[21:38:35] [.Echuu] cuss all Vets are stupid and make enemies
[21:38:51] [%Trent_Hackworth] LOL, like me
[21:39:18] [%Trent_Hackworth] Though...
[21:39:27] [%Trent_Hackworth] Most of my enemys just hate me because I breath. lol
[21:39:35] [.Echuu] true
[21:39:41] [%Trent_Hackworth] The only people i ever screwed up I killed and they're long gone

[01:35:04] [Lance_Hawke] by the way, i'm eating chocolate raisens
[01:35:09] [Trent_Hackworth] ...
[01:35:18] • Trent_Hackworth jumps through the internet and out Hawke's screen
[01:35:37] • Trent_Hackworth takes half the raisens and hops back to his chair
[01:35:43] [Lance_Hawke] lol
[01:35:45] [Lance_Hawke] LMFAO
[01:35:47] [Lance_Hawke] wow
[01:35:52] [Lance_Hawke] i see you doing that
[01:35:56] • Lance_Hawke emails you some

[03:06:13] [Raith] no ones awake besides me.
[03:06:19] [Echo] not true
[03:06:23] [Mihos] me too!
[03:06:24] [Echo] FS: T-Wing
[03:06:31] [Trent_Hackworth] And me.
[03:07:23] [Raith] Well, Hackworth youre a nobody.
[03:07:31] [Jako] ouch
[03:07:51] [Duran] the truth hurts
[03:07:52] [Trent_Hackworth] I am? Wow...That's why I have a deathmatch and a Custom Trophy.
[03:08:03] [Duran] We are proud of ya.
[03:08:07] [@DruG] *you're
[03:08:13] [@DruG] And, don't be an ass.
[03:08:22] [Raith] Need funding to create my faction. Paid back within the hour.
[03:08:25] [@DruG] None of us good enough to rank anyone else.
[03:08:37] [Jako] DruG you n00b :P love you
[03:08:38] [Jeb`el_Ras] You're rank, Drug!
[03:08:41] [Jeb`el_Ras] ;p
[03:08:53] [Jeb`el_Ras] that reminds me ..
[03:09:00] [@DruG] Cute, Jeb.
[03:09:08] [@DruG] Oh how I do so enjoy puns.
[03:09:54] [Edward-Dalen] fcuk puns
[03:10:06] [Trent_Hackworth] ...
[03:10:14] [Raith] ...
[03:10:18] [Jako] ...
[03:10:19] [Echo] ,,,
[03:10:25] [Raith] lol

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