SLT_Vash_Reckless (~SLT_Vash_@SWC-IRC.E34318FDF8A041.SWC) has joined #hapes

<SLT_Vash_Reckless> is it safe?

<LTGEN_Lord_Tyrridon> No.

<Minister_Kadrim> No

SLT_Vash_Reckless peers around

<MGEN_Luck|A> No.

<MGEN_Luck|A> So, about that Fujifilm Finepix S3

SLT_Vash_Reckless turns around

SLT_Vash_Reckless (~SLT_Vash_@SWC-IRC.E34318FDF8A041.SWC) has left #hapes

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